Welcome to Make-Merch

Welcome to Make-Merch

You can design great looking merch designs right here.



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Some Inspiration From Our Team

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We Are Make-Merch


Q: What is Make-Merch?

A: Make-Merch is a membership site to enable users to quickly and easily create great looking designs for Merch by Amazon.


Q: Are the designs copyright free?

A: The Make-Merch team has made efforts to ensure that we only use images without any limitations on their use. Images are either created by our team or sourced from sites where the copyright is listed as CCO without any limitations on usage. If you find an image on Make-Merch that you believe is a violation, please inform us immediately.


Q: If I create a design using Make-Merch will Amazon automatically approve it?

A: Not necessarily. If the wording used in your design or the design itself does not meet Merch by Amazon’s rules, your design will not be approved. If you need to prove to Amazon that the image itself is copyright free, please refer them to make-merch.com as the source. Please do not copy designs of other Make-Merch members.


Q: Do you offer a free trial?

A: You can actually try out almost all the features of make-merch without signing up. Go to any template page, create designs and see how easy it is to use. When you’re ready, sign up for the monthly subscription and you can download the images you create in Merch by Amazon friendly format.


Q: Can multiple users share a Make-Merch account?

A: No. Each Merch By Amazon should have its own Make-Merch account. This is important for licensing issues. If Amazon flags your account and asks for proof of subscription, you’ll need to prove that when you uploaded your images your email account had an active Make-Merch subscription.

Q: How much does it cost to use Make-Merch?

A: Monthly pricing is currently set at $29.99 per month. This rate will probably change over time. Register now to lock in this great rate.


Q: Will you be adding more designs, products and marketplace formats?

A: Yes, we’ll regularly be adding new designs, new options, support for new products when Amazon does and we’ll also be adding support for the formats required by other marketplaces. Please contact the Make-Merch team with your ideas and requests.


Q: Can I use make-merch on a mobile phone?

A: We’re finding that the make-merch software is too heavy on resources for most mobile phones. We recommend that you sit down at a desktop or laptop for the best experience.


Q: What are the basic Troubleshooting steps?

A: If something about make-merch.com is not working properly for you, please read this article on troubleshooting: http://make-merch.com/2017/07/05/troubleshooting/


Q: Can I use images created on Make-Merch for other POD sites?

A: We have not reviewed the license terms of other sites. Therefore, you will need to check the license terms of the other sites. Your Make-Merch subscription gives you the license to use the images on Merch by Amazon. If you would like to use images from Make-Merch for any purpose other than sales of products on Merch by Amazon, please send a request to support@make-merch.com. As of Oct 15, 2017, subscribers may not create images on Make-Merch for other uses without prior approval from Make-Merch.


Q: What is the best way to learn how to use Make-Merch?

A: Please try the tutorial: http://make-merch.com/2017/08/31/nearly-complete-tutorial/

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Please provide your details here and keep in touch. As a registered user, you’ll be able to download high resolution images in Merch by Amazon compatible format.

The Community Loves Make-Merch

Chris Green,  Sell-on-Amazon-Guru and Manager of Merch By Amazon Facebook Group (with more than 30,000 members) wrote:

Make-Merch.com is continuing to receive great feedback.
If you’re serious about Merch By Amazon and you also value your own time, Make-Merch.com is one of the best investments you can make.
You can rapidly create Merch By Amazon designs and save them in Merch ready format.
Gotta love the way you can click on the “new and trending images” and get great ideas for your next design.
This is a comment I received yesterday from Kimberly Stasa:
I wanted to let you know I signed up for Make-Merch and I love it. i know nothing about designing or art… It took me about 5 minutes to design the shirt. I then went straight to Merch By Amazon, uploaded it in two minutes and it’s already live.
It is a really great program. Last night I designed a shirt for my niece’s bachelorette party. Everyone thought I was a genius because I did it in record time. They all love the shirt!

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Welcome to Make-Merch
You can design great looking merch designs right here
and we’ll even help you market them


To talk to the Make-Merch crew, please email us at info@make-merch.com or support@make-merch.com and we’ll do our best to respond rapidly.

About Us

Make-Merch comes from the Doogma team (doogma.com). We believe in democratizing design and that customers should be able buy products their own way. We provide you with an easy way to rapidly create great merchandise designs and save them in the right format to upload easily to Merch by Amazon as well as to other marketplaces and even to your own website. Sign up and keep in touch because we’re going to be creating some really useful tools for creating and selling all kinds of merch on a wide variety of platforms.

Sign up now to create great looking free designs to use on Merch by Amazon and other sites.

Make-Merch uses the patented Doogma Designer™ for an easy-to-use product design experience. If you sell products online and would like your customers to be able to personalize and customize the products online, contact Doogma for more information.

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